FDA Registration

Clematis S.r.l. is registered with U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Our products have been properly filed with U.S. FDA: FCE-SID registration


Naturamica, simply genuine

Naturamica line is our tasty line of ready-made condiments for your table. From Superfood Sauce to Non Solo Bruschette condiments, we only use high quality ingredients that we carefully process to bring them to your table, preserving and enhancing the taste. Discover our production process, philosophy and quality of Clematis.

Certified Quality

International certifications to ensure high quality standards.

Clematis con te

Clematis, da sempre sensibile alle tematiche ambientali, utilizza energia elettrica proveniente da fonti rinnovabili per il proprio fabbisogno aziendale. L'azienda, inoltre, sostiene iniziative a carattere sociale sia a livello locale, che nei paesi più bisognosi.