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Company's strategy effectively responds to market trends and consumer needs, increasingly interested into healthy products made with respect of environment and tradition. That's why Clematis products are packaged in glass to preserve the best taste and fragrance of the land where it is located, rich in resources and traditions.

What distinguishes Clematis in national and international context is the versatility Technology and production at the plant. All production processes, completely automated, allow a fine control of all production's dynamics from raw material to finished product, management of suppliers up to the final consumer.

The company has BRC/IFS certification to guarantee the quality of its products.

Clematis is on the market by the DO with some brands including Naturamica Line, which proposes a particular jar with an appealing shape; Clematis also provides a wide range of Private Label products and services both nationally and internationally, thank to the versatility of its production facilities that allow providing products with any specifications, with a high customization grade.

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