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El entero ciclo productivo viene efectuado directamente en la empresa, a través de repartos de producción dotados de implantes que utilizan la ultima tecnología.


The entire organization is involved in the implementation of quality and safety of food and all the organizational system operates on an integrated system of quality that contains precise written rules, approved and monitored allowing to manage all activities that affect the quality levels as set by management.

Process Technology


All industrial strategies are driven by a constant pursuit of quality: from the identification of raw materials, the search of suppliers, through production processes to distribution channels.


Analisys Laboratory

Our company has a modern equipped quality control laboratory that allows for microbiological and physical-chemical analysis in order to ensure a high level of quality and absolute safety in production.

Pilot plant

Thanks to the presence of a pilot plant, equipment and resources, to the interactions established with universities and research institutions, with public and private companies, Clematis is able to develop research activities and to be partners of their clients in active design and development, and to develop innovative products that respond to market needs.

X-Ray Scanner

As a further guarantee of quality and safety of its products we installed a X-ray inspection machine on the production line that allows us to totally eliminate the risk of unwanted objects into the product jars.


Clematis is equipped with a system of quality management and food safety and fully implements the provisions of the Community regulation on traceability of products.