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Process Technology


Clematis over time has developed and acquired skills:

  • in organizational and management: enforcement of its activities as defined standards and systematically controlled, control and qualification of suppliers, control of distribution and customer management, internal audit and resource management;
  • in the Process Technology: identification of the various production activities, acceptance of the supplies to their storage and shipment, management and maintenance of facilities and equipment, control of the various stages of processing in terms of both qualitative and quantitative management of critical phases of CCP processing, training of those involved in production and control, and all production processes allow a perfect control of industrial dynamics (from raw material to finished product, management of suppliers up to final consumers);
  • in the Lab Technology: management and maintenance of equipment and measurement equipment and analysis, standardization of methods of measurement and analysis for the research, development, testing;
  • Training: Clematis cares very carefully about all the necessary training structuring annual plans which will verify the effectiveness through the results both internally and on products.

The combination of all these activities led Clematis to the creation of increasingly competitive products but also to the acquisition of management methodologies to assess customer satisfaction and above all to guarantee to the consumers the full compliance with the rules covering hygiene and health of products.