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Analisys Laboratory


Clematis can handle internally research, development and production.

Our company has a modern equipped quality control laboratory that allows for microbiological and physical-chemical analysis in order to ensure a high level of quality and absolute safety in production.

The primary objective of the laboratory analysis is the achievement of Food Security in production.

The laboratory is structured so that the unit where microbiological tests are carried out is separate from the one where tools are stored and where chemical and physical-chemical determinations are done. Both areas are further separated from the production plant. To accomplish its duty the analysis laboratory of Clematis has modern and adequate equipment. 
All microbiological tests are performed with plates ready for use to ensure reliable results.

Among the tests conducted there is the research of:

  • Pathogenic and non-pathogenic microorganisms
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Hygiene check on areas and equipment
  • Sterility tests
microbiologia 1
microbiologia 2