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Clematis product lines

Clematis produces two lines of sauces and dressings: Naturamica and Prontidee.

Each jar, prepared in our kitchen, provides delicious dishes thanks to the perfect combination of ingredients cooked to perfection.

The sauces, dressings and ready-made toppings are prepared with high quality ingredients, reminiscent of the Italian flavor. Our recipes have indeed been studied by expert chefs in southern Italy and cooked with extreme dedication, selecting the best raw materials and using the best cooking techniques to obtain delicate and pleasant flavors but, above all, authentic.

Salsina Superfood

The Naturamica Superfood sauces are good, healthy, versatile and ideal to accompany any dish and to enrich creatively toasted bread, quiches, tortillas, meat dishes.
For this reason, we have identified and selected raw materials to create a four recipes range: Broccoli and Spinach, Tomatoes and almonds, Kale and hazelnuts, Chickpeas and spirulina algae

Naturamica Premium

authentic Italian recipes, slow cooking in olive oil to satisfy the most demanding palates.
The range offers the classic sauces and white sauces of haute cuisine... >

Naturamica BIO

organic products are made ​​with high quality raw materials.
The range includes the arrabiata sauce, basil, grilled vegetables...

Non solo Bruschette

in octagonal jars of 190g, ideal for spreading on "crostini" and also to create original dishes with a unique taste...

Sughi Prontidee

PRONTIDEE optimally responds to market trends and consumer demands, offering a wide range of ready-use products packaged in glass to preserve the best taste and smells of a land rich in resources and traditions agroalimantari from the sauce with basil sauce cardoncelli mushrooms, olives from Paté to the Genoese pesto and many other specialties of Italian cuisine. 
Olive sauce, mushroom sauce, ragù sauce... >

Naturamica Export

New product line for the U.S. market. All have FDA registration.

Go Chef Catering Line

Catering Line “Go Chef” is born to respond at the best to the needs of the professional kitchen and chefs.